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Avvocati Bari

Nicola Putignano Law Firm is located in the centre of Bari, on Piazza Aldo Moro, near the central train station and in one of the most prestigious commercial areas of the city, near Piazza Umberto and the University, between Via Sparano (the only promenade in the city centre) and Corso Cavour (the main arterial road of the city). The law firm is in a very large office, completely renovated and furnished in 2000 (in collaboration of the engineer Dino Sibilliano from Bari).

Piazza Aldo Moro 37
70122 Bari
Tel: 080 5232329
Fax: 080 5215212
In Rome, Nicola Putignano Law Firm is located in Prati area, very close to St. Peter’s Basilica.

Via dei Gracchi n. 60
00192 Roma
Tel: 06 95218577
Fax: 06 95219079


sede Roma


Avvocati Milano

In Milan, the law firm Putignano is located on Via Boscovich 27, in an elegant period building a five-minute walk from Central Station.

Via Boscovich n. 27
20124 Milano
Tel: 02 67739046
Fax: 02 67739999