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fondato nel 1947

Avvocati da tre generazioni

La nostra storia

The Putignano Law Firm is located in Bari since 1973 and mainly deals with Labour Law and Public Welfare. Its founder, Nicola Putignano, follows in his father’s footsteps, Donato Putignano.
Donato Putignano founded his law firm in Noci (Bari) in 1947. It was operative until 1962, when he prematurely passed away. Nicola Putignano Law Firm is located in the centre of Bari, on Via Melo, near the central train station and in one of the most prestigious commercial areas of the city, near Piazza Umberto and the University, between Via Sparano (the only promenade in the city centre) and Corso Cavour (the main arterial road of the city).
The law firm is in a very large office, completely renovated and furnished in 2000 (in collaboration of the engineer Dino Sibilliano from Bari) and it boasts two full-time secretaries, five lawyers and a legal practitioner.
In September 2011, the law firm opened a new office in Rome, on Via Gracchi 60.

Fields of expertise

diritto civile

Civil Law

diritto penale

Criminal Law

diritto lavoro

Labour Law

Proprietà Industriale

Industrial Property

diritto comunitario

Community Law

Diritto delle Successioni

Succession Law

diritto della previdenza sociale

Public Welfare Law

diritto sanitario

Health Law

Putignano Law Firm


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