Fields of expertise


Health Law

diritto sanitario

The Putignano Law Firm carefully follows the branch of law connected to health, medical and hospital operations. It offers assistance, including legal assistance, in the field of social health services, with consultancy regarding the problems connected to the protection of personal data and risk management in the health field. In particular, the Firm is specialised in the management of health service malfunctions, meaning medical error, such as when constitutional rights stand out, such as the “right to health” and the “right of self determination” in therapeutic choices. Medical responsibility may derive from many situations:

  • wrong and/or late diagnosis;
  • lack of diligence and/or prudence and/or expertise in the intervention;
  • early patient discharge when the picture is not yet stabilised;
  • inadequate post-operatory assistance;
  • infections contracted following a blood transfusion;
  • serious structural deficiencies of the hospital structure;
  • omission of “informed consent” regarding the operation.

Through professional collaboration with the pathologists specialised in the sector, the Putignano Law Firm offers the preliminary consultancy necessary to allow whoever feels they have been damaged by medical fault to evaluate the degree of likely validity of their petition.